"I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year"

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Hello and welcome. 
Planning a family get together or holiday event this year? Why not make your event special with a real bearded Santa Claus. Santa is available for public and private events on a first come first served basis so book early.
Santa will visit with your family and guests, hand out your provided gifts and even read The Night Before Christmas to the children. Santa will do office or company parties provided children will be present however Santa will not do adult only parties or events. As well while Santa loves handing out gift bags or treats he will not hand out adult beverages or other items children will question or might not understand why they cannot have them. Please keep in mind in a child's eyes Santa treats everyone equally.

While Mrs Claus would like to be at every event with Santa sometimes due to someone needing to remain at the North Pole and supervise she may not be available. Please understand she is not always available but visits along with Santa when she can and is part of the overall package as availability allows. 

To schedule a visit with Santa Please use the Contact Me page, e-mail:
lowcountrysanta@hotmail.com, or call (843)688-4797

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